My husband and I are dog lovers. We’ve always had 2 dogs, but recently had to put one down due to medical issues. Now we have one dog and are considering another. We have the opportunity to adapt a 4 yr old male black lab from my boss. (My boss is having her first baby and doesn’t want a dog in the house) She said the dog is about 125 lbs and very friendly. Current on all shots. I’ve done some research on labs and they sound great, but I’m wanting to hear personal experiences from you if you have any. We take pet owning very seriously and we want to make a good choice. We have 2 teenage daughters and our other dog is a retired greyhound racer. We’d love to get a companion for her, because all she’s ever known is being around other dogs. What do you think of black labs? Temperment? Size? Pros & Cons? Easy to train? Friendly? Let me know everything you know. Thanks!