I have two 4-month-old Italian Greyhound puppies. Right now, because it is cold outside, they don’t go very far. But as it warms up I know they will enjoy being outside. I will be living in an apartment on my father’s small farm. We have a decent amount of land and I want to give the pups their freedom to run, play, etc. But, I do not want them going near the road or going in the horse pasture where they could get trampled.
An invisible fence is out of the question. I was considering a wireless pet fence but I really don’t want to do that either.
My father has a 1-year-old rat terrier the pups play with a lot. My dad has trained him not to go near the road. He has the freedom our previous dogs (lab and doberman) always have had. They basically had the freedom to run wherever they wanted and never went in the road. But I’m worried that if the pups go near it, their rat terrier friend will follow.
I would invest in a fence but we have so much land it would be almost impossible. Others have mentioned chicken- wire type fences that I should put up in an area on the lawn.
Please give me some advice. I know my dad will help in training as he has trained all of our dogs very well. I would like some additional suggestions.
~Smokey & Bandit’s Mommy