hey expand your brains a lot! cuz this is the randome test! anyone with the most randome answers win!!! and by the way which one of these is your favorite???????
Cannibals are what they eat
superfluous super flues
What if you did not have nail fungus?
we found your pants.
You’re that crazy shark, aren’t you? I’m just a dolphin, maam.
Clever things to say after inhaling from a helium balloon
You are brave young dragon. But mine is the stronger gung-fu.
Do me a favor, and don’t do me anymore favors
Bailout Rescue Plan
Oh no! Not another learning experience!
I’d like 600 mirrors please
Pressing business at the dry cleaners
Rack of Spam recipe
Facts: 1) Ninjas are mammals. 2) Ninjas fight ALL the time. 3) The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people
These aren’t the droids we’re looking for
These aren’t the droids we’re looking for
A hip-hop MC performs with improvised rhyme and the spoken word, typically over a thumping beat.
I am not a chew toy
I AM the walrus.
bernard cribbins for president of the universe
Thank god and Greyhound she’s gone
the honey that burns
theres a great juggeler on the radio tonignt
Do you suffer from uncontrollable falling down?
Black Bean Chicken, medium spicy
All your platypus are belong to us.
broken dinner plates litter the airfields
I don’t know quite how to say this
Got change for a $6 bill?
the development of a nuclear powered egg
Dang…Probation denied again!
due to an imbalance of hormones i have been sick
this body is slowing and my mind is reverse growing
I’d love to, but I’m building a pig from a kit.
Do Not Read
Interesting article on eggplant
never finish a burrito
My brain is not large enough to destroy the entire world when unfolded.
Pity the worms!
You mush read this!
re: please don’t call me a chinchilla
Happy New Now!
I eat tofu and I vote.
free an eggroll or a fried crab rangoon
Did you or did you not order the CODE RED?!
I’ll transfer your skills to the legumes
for a fish and finger pie
Golf-ball sized hail! Grab your 9-iron and let’s go…
It’s not you, it’s me. I don’t like you.
Cooking with heat
I’ll take that drink now.
RE: four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie
Be Your Own Boss!!8098
little ducks fighting bigger ducks
Please do not request no spicy hot
Shaolin Golden Palm!
Bonsai Kitten
Now three, act like wherever you are, that’s the place to be.
Sensitive boyfriend sweater
Rupert and mummy bear go by train with Bill on holiday again.
The black crow flies over the sleeping dog at midnight
Define “love”
if i “hop into the shower” am i turning into a rabbit?
Everything today is about the entire enterprise! Front and back lines – inside and out.
The sushi boats are in the harbor for the night
What’s new, Pikachu?
Shall we play a game?
the art of driving a giant, nuclear powered duck
Pandora didn’t think outside the box
I like pie.
puking rainbows
My hobby is collecting dust
the royal afflecks
Absotively posilutely
Re: test results
Ma has a ham!
Waterbeds for Quadrupeds
Expanding the NFL season to 162 games
Hey everybody, I’m going to band camp!!
Eating pasta with chopsticks
Return at once to the Mother Ship!
You ATE the grand panjandrum’s booties?
Have you tried the HotPockets? They’re breathtaking!
I know kung fu!
My motivational speaking tour
Workin’ like a one-armed paper-hanger with an itch…
Girls, are, wicked awesome.
You can fight or you can surf. Now what’s it gonna be?
Time-off for good behavior
bramble bushes and holy rushes
I’m going through a shrinking spurt
Alarming drop-out rate of sky diving classes
Save the whales! Collect the whole set!
Save some funk for Sunday
I am not edible.
Carving watermelons on Halloween
Sorry that meeting sucked so bad
rocking roll dudes on motorbikes
cycling over melons
Wanna try the Good Cop/Bad Cop routine?
I’m NOT fat…that’s my money belt
Allow myself to introduce…myself
Sender wishes to recall message
What we have here is a failure to communicate
Astonishing feats of MENTALISM!
I’ve never seen a man eat so many chicken wings
There are eels in my hovercraft
We sell solutions, not software
When Lawyers Attack
Gushy Review! Over the Top! You Sound Like The Market Executive!
Mind over don’t matter.
Busted, cold dusted, hot dog, with mustard.
i’ve arranged a list of exciting things we can do for the next thirty years
“racecar” spelled backwards
As a youth I used to weep in butcher shops.
Stop baby sea turtles from being crushed!
I love animals cause they’re made of meat.
Charleston Chewy is Chewy, Louie. But not too chewy.
Leveraging core competency across the extraprise
Smells like a wet dog.
Oh, I get it. It’s very clever. How’s that working out for you?
I am disrespectful to dirt!
I served in the military under General Apathy
ASAP’S Fables
Dang! That’s the 10th Commandm