Jack Russell Training…

I have an 11 week old labrador/greyhound puppy who has a few issues we hope to solve with crate training, but as i am new to this concept, I would like to ask a little advice.
Firstly, I am struggling to find some good info on toilet training with a crate. My vet advised to have some puppy pads in the crate overnight with the pup as well as food and water but alot of the websites i have read advise against this. What is the best method?
We are mainly trying this due to some bad chewing behaviour. I know she is only young and it is in her nature to chew, but she has pulled a significant amount of wall paper off the wall so i am a little concerned about that. Obviously wall paper is not a recommended diet for a pup so i worry about her swallowing some, hence one more reason for the crate.
As far as biting goes, she jumps up and snaps at our hands alot. She has a tendency to crouch down with her back end in the air and growl, she will then bark and lunge up to bite. A friend insists this is her challenging authority so i would like to hear thoughts on controlling this behaviour.
She is a lovely dog and some of her training is going well, she just has some destructive tendencies that i would like some constructive advice on correcting please.
Thanks for helping