This was just one of those off the wall random discussions that doesn’t mean much right now but will oneday ( i mean we can dream right)
Anyway last night my husband and I were playing with the pups and he got ahold of Sasha our mix and started playing with her and out of the blue he said “The next dog we get I want to get another rescue dog”
And I’m like “Oh really? and said that I had been thinking maybe next time adopting a retired greyhound”
But unfortuanately he isn’t a fan of the breed and said he would rather adopt another puppy….
Keep in mind Sasha is his pride and joy….
He said he kind of would like a beagle mix puppy and I asked him “What do you know about beagles?” and he said not much but I told him that we will see if you still want a beagle mix puppy after spending a few days with my dad and his beagle…..(My dad has a beagle, a maltese, a chocolate lab, and a lab mix)
But on a more serious note he said that Sasha has been such a wonderful dog and he said he wants to help another dog in the future….
so chances are we will go with another puppy if the right one comes along… the far off future (we got sasha at 11 weeks of age)
But what would you do
or what do you prefer
The plus side to getting an adult is you know there temperment and such and some are already trained
But the downside is you miss those puppy days
(I’m a sucker for those puppy days)
It was just one of those random thoughts that started an interesting conversation…..I wanted to add my husband wasn’t sure about going the rescue/shelter route originally but he knew I wanted Sasha so we adopted her and now he is all for it…..
Anyone else had this kind of experience