Greyhound Training

Smart Greyhound Training Tips

Greyhound training will be a challenge for you if you think you will be able to zip through lessons and expect your pal to learn all he needs to know in a week.  Teaching a dog commands takes time, no matter what breed you own.  That said, just because it may take time to train a canine, this doesn’t mean that the process has to be a struggle.  It can be as smooth as you want it to be as long as you implement the right technique combined with patience. The following are some smart Greyhound training tips to guide you down the right teaching path to success: Good communication – Training isn’t strictly about manners and obedience; it is first and foremost about building a good relationship with your companion that involves trust and communication.  Thus, while you need to be firm in your lessons, there is no reason for you to...

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Greyhound Breed Information

The Greyhound Dog Breed Facts

The Greyhound dog is a beautiful, large and slender canine.  He is one of the oldest breeds of dogs and is the fastest pooch in the world, having the potential to reach...

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Greyhound Care

More Greyhound Care Tips

Greyhound Care Is More Than Just Grooming... Greyhound care isn’t just about brushing your dog’s coat and taking him to the vet for annual checkups.  There are many aspects to caring...

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Greyhound Puppies

Jack Russell Training…